YHOO and the 'user-generated' look

If we drink the current digerati kool-aid (e.g. The Economist New Media Survey, 2006), user-generated content will inherit the Earth, and everything will look like it came out of the living room of Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar. Yahoo co-founders Jerry Yang and David Filo try the approach with their own product plug (Announcing the new Yahoo! homepage ), perhaps not nearly as funny as the beloved Wayne and Garth, but still impressively charming for a couple of billionaires:


Ben said...


Greetings! I just noticed that you aren't listed in "Laszlo Staff in the Blogosphere" on LaszloSystems / Developers.


Lyndon W. Wong said...

Hi Ben, openlaszlo.org, the primary developer community site, has the most comprehensive listing of contributors and bloggers, including myself. I am currently at Yahoo, an OpenAJAX alliance partner with Laszlo, and in its own right a strong advocate of rich Internet applications and Web 2.0! Thanks for checking in on my blog.