Monkeying with my Personal Homepage

Learned something new from the blogger.com site today... the FAQ notes that our personal blogs can incorporate 3rd party search engines. heard good things about AtomZ's free site search trial service, checked it out, and now have it integrated into my personal home page (linked off this blog). One virtue of this idle period is that I've been able to immerse myself in the boundless capabilities offered by various web application developers. So much functionality out there, that very few of us really know anything about...seems a lifetime could be spent only in cyberspace discovering all of it and trying to figure out what to do with it.

Post-Internet-Bubble Rant

As it turns out, I, and many cohorts far brighter than I, spent much of the last decade on economic activities that the Invisible Hand has deemed worthless (or at least not very worthy :-). So while the world continued to grapple with hunger, disease and want of material goods like TVs, kitchen appliances and ever-larger SUVs... I did little to help in those great causes.

So what next? In my case, a period of immersion in contemporary Information Technology, to catch up with the developments that led to the Web boom in the first place.

My Very First Blog

The humble beginning of my first weblog. Let's see what this fuss about 'blogs' is all about!