PhotoBlox touches Rome to reach home

Photoblox Screenshot

On the 'one hyper-linked world' front, Italy's Robin Good Blog recently wrote a flattering entry on the Blogbox Project, providing extensive coverage on the PhotoBlox in particular. A few days later, the site got a 'thank you for the info' comment post from Cynthia Typaldos, reaching a local personality from the project's point of origin in Silicon Valley, California!

Just another example of how the Internet has usurped geographic proximity in the propogation of information. And I admit it is gratifying to see my Southeast Asia travel photos spreading around the world.


Two Cultures?

Growing up as an American of Asian descent, when someone discussed the "two cultures", I assumed they referred to "East meets West", with China representing the East, and California representing the West (plz forgive me...). Later, I learned of other pairings. There were the two cultures dividing the university -- the sciences and the humanities. And there was Islam versus Christianity.

Since the recent U.S. presidential election, I've been reminded of yet another juxtaposition of two cultures, humorously represented by some maps of North America.

The United States of Canada and the United States of Texas

After we all share a laugh or two, appreciative of our democracy and our privileged lives, we might consider feeling a bit depressed. Which oddly, reminds me of a great American who wrestled with two cultures in his day. You remember him..."a house divided against itself can not stand...".