Business Card Art

Robert Scoble's business card
Originally uploaded by lyndon.

Robert Scoble presented his tres-hip business card earlier this morning at the Laszlo offices in San Mateo. With Robert's permission, I've posted it on Flickr. The impressive design by Hugh Macleod reminds me of the work of the esteemed Saul Steinberg, which I hope Hugh will accept as a high compliment!


Wally said...

...so where's the address, the phone number, the email...

That's not a business card.

hergio said...

Yeah seriously? Business cards have contact information.

hugh said...

I believe the contact info is printed on the other side [Imagine that!].

Saul Steinberg? Woo-Hoo! He's one of my heroes.

Thanks for the kind words,



Robert Scoble said...


My info is on the other side of the card.

Lyndon W. Wong said...

Hugh, I'm glad you take the reference to Saul Steinberg as the compliment I intend. I excluded the 'contact info' side of the card design deliberately, out of respect for Robert's privacy :-).