My latest small contribution to the Laszlo widget universe

A miniSlideshow Laszlo widget is now incorporated in my blog gutter on the right. This widget displays a sequence of small photo thumbnails defined in an external XML file. Just click on the widget to start the show.

The widget is built with Laszlo's XML language. The source code, default XML configuration file and default slideshow images are hosted for free at mylaszlo.com.

Given the location of an XML configuration list and associated 120x90 pixel JPG images, this widget can play any externally defined slideshow. This is accomplished by passing a 'slideshow_url' parameter to the widget in the form:

http://www.mylaszlo.com/lps/lyndonwong/miniSlideshow/miniSlideshow.lzx?slideshow_url=[URL of xml list]

See for example this slideshow that invokes the miniSlideshow app on mylaszlo.com with an XML file and images hosted at GeoCities:

Slideshow Assets | Widget invoked with slideshow_url

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